Board Elections

Dear CIBA Voting Member,

For over a quarter of a century, our non-profit, the California Indian Basketweavers’ Association (CIBA) has worked not only to increase the number of active California Indian basket weavers but to also increase awareness of California basketry and Native California cultural traditions among both Native and non-Native audiences.  CIBA was created out of a deep concern shared by a small group of weavers who feared that traditional basketry knowledge was rapidly disappearing and that soon living “master weavers” would cease to exist.  Today CIBA works across the state of California to provide their members with access to programs and activities that build a larger community of California Indian Basket weavers. The back bone of our organization has and continues to be, our CIBA Board.

Each year, we invite you, our CIBA Voting Members, to ask themselves this question:

“Do I want to put my time and talent into being a member of the CIBA Board of Directors and submit a Board Member application?”

This year, our Board has four vacancies that need to be filled. When you join our CIBA board, you join like-minded Native American men and women from across our state who generously give their “time, talent, and treasure” to advanced CIBA’s vision statement, “To Preserve, Promote and Perpetuate California Indian Basketry Traditions.”

As a CIBA Board Member, it’s important to embrace our vision statement as it is the message you will carry into our statewide community of weavers and their supporters. If you feel you would be a strong candidate for our CIBA Board, please fill out this year’s Nomination Application by clicking the following link: 2017 CIBA Board Nomination Form and mail the application back to the CIBA office, postmarked by September 25, 2017. Applications can also be e-mailed to

Please do not hesitate to contact the CIBA office if you have additional questions at 530-688-1332.

The Election Committee