First Nations Introduces 2021 Cohort for the Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellowship

13 Native Leaders Selected for their Passion and Ingenuity in Perpetuating Indigenous Knowledge and Strengthening Native Communities

LONGMONT, Colo. (June 3, 2021) – First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) and The Henry Luce Foundation (Luce) announced the continuation of the Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellowship with the selection of 13 new Fellows for the 2021 Cohort – each one chosen for their work in their knowledge fields, as well as their contribution to this growing Fellowship, which was created in 2019 to honor and support intellectual Native leaders.”

In reference to the hard work one of CIBA’s board members has been doing for many years, she has been recognized and was among the 13 chosen applicants! Congratulations to Jennifer Malone on her Fellowship!

Jennifer Malone, Wukchumni
Knowledge Field: Wukchumni Cultural Consultant

Jennifer and her mother are among the last remaining speakers of the Wukchumni language, and their professional and personal lives are dedicated to ensuring their language, people, and understandings of the world continue. In line with this, Jennifer will create a series of videos. One will show young Wukchumni people teaching traditional lessons around language, land skills, and traditional stories. Another video will share the story of the Wukchumni people from genocide to termination and the land theft. This Wukchumni story will be one for all tribes in the country to strengthen their commitment to status, tribal lands, and their future.”

Selected fellows receive a monetary award of $75,000 and access to additional resources for training and professional development. They also commit to meeting regularly throughout the first year of the Fellowship to share and grow their knowledge, projects, and drive to achieve their personal and community goals.

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