CIBA Seeking Executive Director

CIBA is seeking a new Executive Director.

The primary role of the Executive Director (ED) is to work in partnership with the Board to accomplish the mission and goals of the CIBA organization. The ED will manage, coordinate and account for the operations of CIBA in accordance with the CIBA Board, and will work at the direction of the Board as the office contact, with primary responsibilities for fundraising, grant writing, and office management. Develop and implement business and programming goals and objectives created in partnership with the Board of Directors. The ED will attend Board meetings and events as assigned. ED must coordinate and review finances and operations, make recommendations as required and support the production of an annual Gathering by coordinating meetings, mailings, working to oversee gathering contacts and coordinate production dates. The ED will support operations management, staff and volunteers assigned to the annual gathering event, as well as to all other CIBA events. 

Application deadline date: Open until filled. 

Email cover letter, resume and 3 references to 

Please click on the link below for more information.

Executive Director Application

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