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These are interactive forms, you can fill them out on your computer and print out the forms and mail (or email, if they don’t require a signature) Just fill in the boxes and select the check boxes and they will print out as you’ve filled them in!

Pre-registration & Membership Information

Pre-registration for this year's Gathering is highly recommended and open to current CIBA members. Not a current CIBA member or is your membership expired? No problem, just send in your membership application, or membership renewal in with your pre-registration forms.

2017 Gathering Pre-Registration Form 

CIBA Membership Form

Showcase Entry Guidelines 

2017 Showcase Entry Guidelines

Indemnification Form - Required for Showcase Entry


Teachers and Demonstrators 

Teachers will lead  various weaving classes.  An Honorarium of $500 will be awarded to those selected by CIBA to serve as Teachers at the Gathering. 

Teachers will be required to supply their own basket materials and tools for students to use.

2017 Teacher Application Form

Demonstrator weavers selected by CIBA will receive an Honorarium of $300 to demonstrate at the Gathering and have the option to sell basketry starter kits as part of their demonstration.

2017 Demonstrator Application Form


Vendors, please carefully read the requirements for this year's Gathering as some requirements have changed. 

2017 Vendor Application

The Autry - Information and Frequently Asked Questions

2017 Gathering At A Glance 

Autry Map and Hotel List

Donations for the annual CIBA raffle are now being accepted:

California Indian Basketweavers Association

C/O 2017 CIBA Raffle

428 Main St.

Woodland CA 95695